We are open for partnership and collaboration to ensure the continuity of CDLC Safe Shelter program in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja and Lagos State, Nigeria

The Safe shelter scheme running in Abuja and Lagos State was a strategic initiative for emergency needs of the Trans and Gender Diverse community in Nigeria looking at how critical and of utmost importance Trans specific programing was at the time and still is in recent times. It started off in Abuja the year 2018 and progressively replicated in the City of Lagos State Nigeria in the year 2020. 

It has provided emergency response support to 186 Trans and Gender Diverse people across different states in Nigeria whose lives were under severe threat and who had suffered various degrees of violence from relatives, State and non-state actors. Running Safe Shelter for Queer persons in Nigeria has been an experience unforgettable though very demanding but highly impactful in the lives of beneficiaries of the scheme. 

We @ CDLC will not have been able to record these successes bridging the safety and security gap in programing for the community without the strong support of donors like: Viivhealthcare and PEPFAR 

Civil Society Organizations like: TIERS headed by Remi, WHER Initiative headed by Akudo, Oasis Project headed by Matthew Blaise and Individuals like Kent, Akanji Michaell and Oliver Anene.

We are immensely grateful. Posterity will reward you all. 

At this time, we are no longer able to sustain this program and we hereby solicit for partnership with stakeholders who are interested in running the safety shelter to contact us directly. For more information contact us via cremedelacreme.nigeria@gmail.com or call +2347030452952

Published by cdlcnigeria

A Non-governmental organization established in 2016. We aim to contribute to improve the lives of Transgender persons in Nigeria through strong activism and advocacy.

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