Human sexuality exists on a spectrum of physiological and psychology characteristics. Research indicates that throughout history there have been people whose gender identity are different from their birth assigned sex. Historically, transgendered people were identified based on their perceived sexually orientation and subsequently were associated with gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Although transgendered people are sometimesContinue reading “TRANSGENDER MYTH & FACTS”

“My Journey of Change”

Growing up was full of adventures, discoveries, challenges and traumatic experiences. Iwas four when I began to discover that I was different; different from other male kids,different according to the standards of society. I preferred the company of girls, lovedwhat they loved; from Barbie dolls to makeup and female outfits, but I was a boy.Continue reading ““My Journey of Change””


Most Transgender persons living in Nigeria are living below poverty level,living as though they are outcast in their own country as a result of the rejection, stigmatization, and the discrimination they suffer. *Poor access to health *Poor Education *Lack of food and good shelter *Very hostile environment Rejection and Ejection from homes/Society *No employmentopportunities amongstContinue reading “THE ORDEALS OF MOST TRANSGENDER PERSONS LIVING IN NIGERIA”

Hi lovelies, Creme De La Creme House of Fame Foundation Abuja is priviledged to be a part of this Discussion as it concerns the trans community.

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