The birth of Twins was once upon a time an abomination hence sacrificed to deities or thrown into forest they called EVIL besides other human sacrifices to deities.
Women with catlike eyes were called witches hence paraded and banished from their home land.

Women were and still are slaves, sex slaves and tools for baby making, genital mutilation, forced marriages, rape and curative rape amongst others

Most of these toxic laws and policies are culture and religion based. While those missionaries who brought CHRISTIANITY to us grew to understanding humanity better and decriminalized baberic laws and policies against humanity, most African countries are still so primitive, slaves to these laws and are hypocritically still ignorantly holding on to these laws.

How can leaders who are held in high esteem vested with the responsibilities of protecting lives still make laws criminalizing humans over factors these human beings have no choices over.

No one ever had choices of how they want to be created right?

Do you have an idea of what people have to go through to conform to norms while battling with self acceptance in the face of being ridiculed, rejections and ejection from families, work places, religious houses, toxic laws and policies and the hostile environment these laws and policies have created.

Barbarians still lives amongst humans else how do you explain the excitement and pleasure people get from dehumanizing others and making them object of ridicule.

Everyone has got flaws and weaknesses yet with these imperfections you still love, adore and accept yourself right?

But then, some people have spontaneous trait interference and being emotionally incompetent hence the strong hatred for others

Transgender persons are assigned sex at birth different from their gender identity and in some cases some have both sexes (Intersex). How Is gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics a crime?

To quickly dispel those Myths and misconceptions about Transgender people

 Transgender persons are not Vagabonds,        impersonators, Impostors, aliens, Cross dressers, Object of ridicule or sex experiments and experience but humans like you and i.

Please help support their healthcare to reduce anxiety disorder, depression, traumatic experiences and suicide tendencies


Published by cdlcnigeria

A Non-governmental organization established in 2016. We aim to contribute to improve the lives of Transgender persons in Nigeria through strong activism and advocacy.

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