Most Transgender persons living in Nigeria are living below poverty level,living as though they are outcast in their own country as a result of the rejection, stigmatization, and the discrimination they suffer.

*Poor access to health

*Poor Education

*Lack of food and good shelter

*Very hostile environment

  • Rejection and Ejection from homes/Society

*No employment
opportunities amongst other challenges

We must begin to abolish toxic cultural norms, religious beliefs and toxic policies that gives rise to and have exposed transgender persons to different degrees of violence.

Creme de la creme a Transgender community based organization in Nigeria is sold out to evacuating and rescuing transgender persons whose lives are under severe attacks for no faults of theirs into safe spaces.

There has been limitations regarding the number of persons we can reach with intervention services, mental care, legal and other safety and security services as it concerns the trans community in Nigeria.

We are therefore soliciting for support from networks, organisations and people from all works of life who promote intervention services to the marginalized and vulnerable people in order to help alliviate the suffering of the Transgender people living in Nigeria.

Creme De La Creme Team,
July, 2020.

Published by cdlcnigeria

A Non-governmental organization established in 2016. We aim to contribute to improve the lives of Transgender persons in Nigeria through strong activism and advocacy.

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